Our Programmes :

1. Pahel :

There are many medium and small slums around us (especially in cities). The dwellers of these places often lack many basic amenities of life and the chaos of their lives to obtain the basics leads to brushing-aside of most important concerns: education (formal or informal) and healthcare of all age groups. Our Program - Pahel, where we are trying to address these problems. We are working to address their primary education and health concerns. We are constantly trying to develop and implement innovative and effective modules of teaching. We intend to make - PAHEL an enjoyable, learning and encouraging engagement for the children. Our volunteers are young college students and working professionals -filled with immense energy and dedication towards this cause.

2. Lakshay :

The programme Is designed to bring a ray, a hope in the lives of the most neglected and vulnerable women of the society. Women are the most neglected and exploited character of our society. Saksham foundation believes that development of a mother leads to development of entire family and society at large. If a women will be literate, then the entire family will be literate and hence the entire nation. Saksham foundation provide training to the illiterate women on functional literacy, basic calculation etc. Also, it aims to provide awareness and knowledge on legal rights of women to stop violence against women. This programme enables the women to raise voice for the abuses they face in each and every steps of life.

3. Sanjeevani :

In this programme we are providing qualified health care services to poor people in the slums and communities. We orient and counsel them for preventable diseases, giving free treatment and medicines.

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