Case Studies

Working at a small shop in the local market, aarzoo’s father had never thought he would be able to do much for his daughter. Neither had aarzoo’s mother, who works as a domestic help. Their daughter had been born when the two were already struggling to survive.
Worried about aarzoo’s future, her illiterate but loving parents started looking for a solution, but could think of nothing more than working harder. It was during this time that teachers from saksham foundation started door to door visits to enroll a fresh badge of children. Aarzoo was the right age and was admitted at the preschool level.
From the very beginning, because of her sheer sincerity and good natured temperament aarzoo become a favorite of her classmates and teachers naturally, her favorite is manisha mam, her English teacher. She is very kind and teaches us many things. She is like a friend to ask and love her classes, shares the little girl.
Md. Aftab (father) and his wife do not worry anymore and are happy with the way their daughter is growing up when asked what think their daughter will grow to be, mouthy simple says “we don’t know what she will be. But we know she will do better than us, much better. This is enough for us.”

Rahul a 12 years old living in Hauz rani slum, Malviya Nagar in Delhi. Rahul comes from an extremely poor family, with his father working as a daily wagar, barely earring two square meals a day. He himself spent the early years of his childhood picking rags and doing odd jobs.
Never having been to school themselves, Rahul’s parents dreamt of making him an educated person who could have a future better than their own. Rahul’s brightness as a child fuelled their dream, but the harsh reality of their circumstances deterred them from hoping When saksham foundation intiated its mission Pahel centres in the area, Rahul was one of the first children to be enrolled. He has never looked back since. Learning with enthusiasm and dedication, today he has one of the stars kids at the centre. Not only rahul parents but his teachers and neighbors also take pride in him.

Banna is only 12, but just one meeting with her will leave you motivated and inspired. Through the sheer determination to challenge her fate and make something positive out of her life, today Banna is not only confidently walking towards full flings own her dreams, but has become a beacon of hope for many other girls in her community.
The eldest of two sisters and one brother, banna has never had much of a childhood. She has grown up doing all the household chores, because of her mother being on permanent bed rest. Her father used to work as a carpenter, but lost his hand in an accident two years ago and has since been unemployed. Her paternal grandfather. Himself poor, sends them a little money, which somehow keeps the family alive.
Banna had earlier been enrolled at a government school, but had to drop out after her father’s accident taking care of her parents and sisters became her only aim in life. Having dropped out, she had lost hope of ever continuing her studies again. However, she wanted to make sure that her sisters go to school.
After securing the third position in class 6, banna has now come to class 7. Her teachers take pride in do her parents. She has lots of friends at the centre, who are all inspired by her example. Besides excelling in studies, banna is a talented artist and often wins painting competitions. She also helps her sisters and brother with their homework, when she gets free from all the cooking and cleaning at home.
“I want to get my parents treated and give them all the happiness they have never got”, Says banna with her angelic smile.

My mother is my inspiration, I want to be strong like her, says 12 years old shanti a student of saksham foundation. Shanti father met with an accident when she was six. She has grown up watching her mother poonam work hard to feed her and her three younger siblings. poonaam work on daily wages at a neighborhood farm and barely earns enough to keep a roof over the family head .
Shanti had been spending her childhood doing all the household work and tending to her siblings. Herself a child, she never complained and always took up these tasks as her responsibilities. Poonam wanted her children to build a better, dignified life for themselves, but being illiterate herself she never thought of sending shanti to school.
It was when mission pahel project coordination learnt about shanti that poonam dream for her daughter came true. Shanti was immediately enrolled at the centre and started learning with the same dedication which she had shown in handling things at home.
Now in class 5, shanti wants to become an IPS officer and make her mother proud. But realizing that her dream is big and far away, she says, only if I can continue my studies.
These children are mostly either homeless, orphaned, abandoned, runaways, or belong to extremely poor families. Many of them have had to suffer the hardships of child labour. Only now, they have started dreaming of a bright future. But they need your help to continue their education and fulfill their dreams.
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